5 Simple Ways on How to Fight Racism

Racism and other forms of discrimination will continue if we do not learn how to fight and use our right to equality. Racism can be very destructive. It can affect a lot of aspects of our life. Now the question is: “Will we let it ruin our lives?” No!

ThoughCo. gave us a sociological guide to being an anti-racist activist. Here are some of the ways on how to fight racism:

Listen, validate and help people who report racism

Accordingly, whites do not take claims of racism seriously. Probably we are just blinded that we are living in a post-racial society, but the truth is, it is non-existent. There is racism everywhere. Now, it is important for you to listen to those who report abuses from racists and help them raise their concerns to the authority. There are victims out there who are mute. Teach them how to find the light.

Internalize racism within you

You have to possess knowledge about racism and how it has affected the people. Consider reading books and surfing the internet about the history of racism and the accounts of abuses. Do not rely on hearsays. Make sure that you read from credible sources. Also, make sure that you are really determined to fight for the racial minorities.

Do not be mute

Do not let racism take its way. If you see racists exercising their discriminatory powers, disrupt in a safe way. Engage in constructive debate, not in anargument. Challenge his or her racist assumptions, or you can ask them how they turn out to be racists.

Support anti-racist community events

If you are an anti-racist and want your voice to be heard, be one with larger groups of anti-racism. This is more effective in elevating your concern to the society that embraces racism. Support voter registration where people of color live. Donate time and money to community organizations serving the youth of color. Mentor white kids on the bad effects of racism.

Be the model

Being an anti-racist isn’t just going against the racist individuals. It is showing them that you respect them because everybody deserves respect. Be polite to everyone, regardless of age, color, status, and sex. A simple “Hi” and “Hello” would do. Anti-racism isn’t about the protests and demonstrations, but it is about being the model to them of how mutual respect is much needed in our society.