Past Science: The Different Classifications of Human Race

“Race” has been the center of debates between scientists. Long ago, “race” was firmly approved by scientists. But now, biologists reject the idea of “race” as no science can explain its existence. However, there are past studies that classify human beings into “races”. One of the most popular works was that of Carleton Coon, an American physical anthropologist. He authored the controversial study “Origin of Races” in 1962 which divided humans into various racial groups. Also, there are other sociologists and ethnologists who identified the “races” primarily based on skin colors and physical features. Here are some of the races identified by past studies:

Negro Race

The Negro race inhabited Africa, however, has spread to other areas including America and other parts of the world. They are classified as those people having a jet black color of skin. They also have curly hair, low forehead, high-cheek bones, flat and broad nose, strong and white teeth and broad and small chin. However, the “blacks” have suffered centuries of slavery and discrimination in the past. Until now, “black” is a popular target of discrimination, especially in America.

Caucasian Race

The Caucasian race, which was believed to be the dominant race in number and social status, occupied Europe, Western Asia, Australia, and the greater part of America. They are generally white-skinned. Their color hair is of various shades, beard full, nose high and thin and lips medium. Coon referred the “Caucasian race” as the “white” people.

Mongoloid Race

Mongoloid refers to the indigenous people living in East Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, North Asia, South Asia, the Arctic, the Americas, and the Pacific Islands. They are described as having straight hair, black and dark brown hair and flat faces. They are also popularly called as “Asians”.

Australoid Race

This race refers to the indigenous people of Southeast Asia, South Asia, East Asia, Melanesia and Australia. They are described as having dark skin, wavy hair while some have straight or kinky hair. According to typology, Australoid peoples are often combined with other races, particularly Caucasian and Mongoloid and are found in Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and more.

Indian Race

The Indian race occupied the whole of the two America and some other neighboring islands. However, there were certain differences between Red people of North and South. The North American Indians are generally tall and straight. They also have nose aquiline, eyes black and deeply set, lips full, forehead low and broad, skin a warm, coppery red, hair long, black, and straight.

Capoid Race

Capoid race is the least known race proposed by Coon in 1962. They are considered to be more of the Negro race, however, there are certain distinctions with some physical features like their golden brown skin, prominent cheekbones, and pepper corn hair texture.

Other Races

The Samoids, Esquimaux, and Tartars are often considered as races with one common origin. Their differences are attributed to local habitation. They are commonly short in stature. They have low foreheads, narrow eyes, flat nose, and black and straight hair.