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Do you have the passion for science? Do you want to contribute to the expanding body of knowledge? Do you love doing studies and researches? You can submit your work to us. As a reliable source of information for people, J Goodrum welcomes all your contributions. We will be happy to be your instrument of delivering new discoveries to the people.

Here are some of the works that we accept:


We would love to read your research and see their results. We are driven by the expansion of knowledge. If you have a research that you think would contribute a lot to our knowledge, feel free to send them to us.

Case Studies

Case studies are important, especially in knowing the reasons behind social issues and concerns. We want to share the results of your case studies to promote awareness about the problems in our society. Your case study will surely change our readers’ perspectives towards the society.


We also welcome journals and compilations of your researches, publications and work collections. We would love to help you deliver factual information to the people.


Every phenomenon in this world entails a theory to try to explain and provide understanding. Everyone is free to propose a theory as well. With everything happening in this world, you might have theories about surrounding happenings. Please feel free to send it to us.


You can also debunk or question the results of the studies of other researchers and scientists. We love constructive criticism, thus, we welcome your commentaries.