10 Most Common Reasons Why People Are Being Discriminated

Discrimination is the most prevalent problem in the world. People favor people of certain trait and category. Discrimination is a huge problem in the home, school, work, community, and society in general, which causes harmful physical, mental and emotional effects. Here are some of the reasons why people are being discriminated:


Women are the sex often discriminated the most. Until now, some women still experienced exclusion from participating in politics, employment and other areas. Women still face discrimination in 155 countries. On the other hand, there are various movements from women and groups to give women equal treatment as men.


The LGBT community is often discriminated because of their sexual orientation. They are prohibited from involving in various groups and causes. Since 2016, a homosexual relationship is prohibited to over 70 countries. Some countries punish homosexual acts.

Race & Ethnicity

Racial discrimination is still evident in the United States even after Civil Rights era. There is still a disparity in wealth and opportunities among white, black and non-Americans. Discrimination of ethnicities is also evident in other countries, especially in Asia, in which some indigenous people and native tribes are deprived of their rights.


Age is still considered a qualification in most employments in the world. According to a study, firms are more than 40% more likely to interview young applicants than older ones. Also, in a survey conducted in England, 29% respondents experience age discrimination. Ageism is the most dominant form of prejudice experienced in the United Kingdom, social psychologist Dominic Abrams said.


Even if religion does not teach discrimination, people are still discriminated because of their beliefs. In 2012, religious hostilities increases. In a study, Christians were the most discriminated group. On the other hand, Muslims make up the second place in which they are discriminated in 121 countries.


According to an analysis, United States of America is considered to be the most racist country. In a recent FBI report, 7,000 people were killed in hate crimes which are motivated by race and nationality. The second most racist country is Saudi Arabia. They have been exploiting laborers from Bangladesh, India, Philippines, and Pakistan.


Language is part of a nationality. It is also considered by some as a measurement of intelligence and knowledge. People are being discriminated because of their accent, diction, and pronunciation. Last 2012, a Filipina won nearly $1M language discrimination case against US hospital that orders employees to speak English only.

Social Class

People are also discriminated because of their class category. Some hospitals do not accommodate patients who cannot pay initial fees. It is also common in which people under the poverty line are being discriminated because of the petty fact that they are poor.


Attached to social class is the employment of one individual. Some people are being discriminated because of their job. One of the earliest job discrimination laws in the world was that of the US in 1963.


Disabled persons are being protected by the law with privileges and protection rights. However, they still experience discrimination in different aspects. Most countries require establishments to be sensitive to disabled persons, making friendly walkways and installing elevators.