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Here are some of your tools and resources:


Genetics is an online journal published by Genetic Society of America which seeks to deepen understanding of the living world. Since 1916, Genetics has published high-quality and original researches about genetics and genomics.


Britannica is the most trusted online encyclopedia that provides you information about everything. They specialize in sciences, arts, and culture, society and more. They also have biographies of the most prominent scientists.

HuffPost Science

If you want some of the latest news about science and technology, you can check out HuffPost Science. Apart from news about science, you can also read some of their other contents including lifestyle, politics, and entertainment, among others.

Forbes Science

Forbes is also one of the most reliable websites that provide reliable information for the people. They also have the latest news about science and technology. More than that, they also discuss business, lifestyle and more.

The Linnean Society of London

Undeniably, Carolus Linnaeus was one of the greatest minds in natural science. In this site, you can learn about his researches, publications, and other work collections.

Darwin Online

Darwin has also contributed to some renowned concepts of science nowadays. You can open this site which provides you a copy of his works and researches.