In this world, we are in constant chase of knowledge that would deliver us to a greater understanding of things, especially of our human experiences and the good of our society.

J Goodrum is passionate in providing you with information about the society and its science. With the help of the most brilliant minds in history, we obtain an understanding of the science of our existence. We learned of evolution, classification, heredity and human development, among others. With the help of our site, we aim to help you understand more about natural and life sciences.

Humans are complex beings. It entails lifetime to fully know the science behind life and appreciate the beauty of our existence. J Goodrum believes that science can help us discover the essence of our existence. More than philosophies, it is more important for us to be knowledgeable about our origin and our environment.

Apart from knowledge sharing, we also recognize the need to utilize science to address certain problems arising our society. Our world has been a constant battlefield of wars, discrimination, differences, and calamities. Science strives to find solutions and explanations behind the natural and man-made phenomena.

J Goodrum envisions that we all become bright individuals of the future towards a bright society.